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You are paired with committed long-term students to help you build rapport with your students.

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Our students have learned phonics, vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar through our phone app.

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About ZebraEnglish
Funded by Tencent, and produced by Yuanfudao, the leading online education company in China, ZebraEnglish is a well-known English education platform in China. ZebraEnglish has over 450,000 students using our self-developed, AI-based, English-learning APP. Our teachers focus on communicating with students to ensure they have mastered the lessons they have already learned on our APP. Our unique online platform does the heavy lifting by teaching grammar, phonics, vocabulary, and sentence structures. Our vision is to provide our teachers with the most advanced technologies and educational tools so they can guide our students toward outstanding English learning outcomes and prepare them for a globalized future.
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